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‘Yishama’ comes from the Hebrew ‘to be heard’. Yishama’s vision is to create a sound sculpture that offers self-exploration through sound, beat, and harmony.

Hang Massive are excited and proud to be collaborating uniquely with Yishama for their music and exclusively feature their incredible handpans on the album and on stage.

Yishama was founded in 2014 by Yhonatan Ale-Yahav. Yhonatan started his journey in a small house in the Carmel mountains in Israel, where he would spend his time hammering and diving deep into the world of steel and tuning.

After 2 years of research into steel and its frequencies, the Yishama Pantams were ready to be released into the world.

In 2017 Ido Siri joined Yishama and helped push the limits further with his great passion for creating high quality instruments.

Today the team focuses their energy on providing each and every player with a rich and deep experience when they touch their instrument. The philosophy at Yishama is to expand the boundaries of their creations.

Diving further into the realm of sound these instruments possess, they create a beautiful harmony in each instrument, inspired by the delicate balance found in nature.

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